Written for Fall

How many words have been written for fall,
rhymes of football, crisp leaves, harvest odors?
More than this one simple mind can recall
yet my stubbornness lets me delve further

Fall falls for winter and winter for spring
Now summer once more has turned o’er
to autumn and all of the joy that it brings
To remind us what we are here for

In the colors we see not lost life, but renewal
A true loving Father’s design.
Though we know the fresh air will soon carry a chill
Soon the winter will bring Christmastime.

Annual progression, hot back to cold
Swimming, to tackling, to snowballs
Beloved variety never grows old
Be thankful each time an orange leaf falls!

Hometown harvest festivals, corn from the fields
now at college I’m bound to miss out on
But these memories linger and autumn’s appeal
Warms as pure as a porch swing in low sun

The cool Kevin Griffin sings “This Time of Year,”
Whitcomb Riley penned “Frost On the Punkin.”
Is mankind improved because my words are here?
Just the chance to hope so is worth something.