Sex, Drugs, and… actually, just sex

Has anyone noticed that TV, movies, and simply walking around town have gotten way too visually provocative? Yes, I realize that’s a stupid question. I really didn’t know how else to start, but this serves to introduce my argument by displaying the obviousness of my point. Let’s focus on the part about walking around in public – and when I say provocative I mean this: a lot of girls roam around half-naked all the time, which is not good for anyone. Maybe you don’t even notice it (that’s a lie) or aren’t affected by it (that’s a lie too) but I’m going to continue whether you like it or not (which doesn’t matter because if you didn’t you’d have stopped reading already).

I realize that other people have noticed said problem, and further I do understand that many think it’s no problem at all. I also realize the whole scantily-clad women issue is equally problematic in the entertainment industry, hence my mention of movies and television back in that cheesy first sentence. And while neither of these are good news, what we are most affected by on a daily basis is just that: who we are daily in contact with. Drooling over half naked (or just plain naked, for that matter) movie stars is no good but at least you don’t have to face any realistic temptation to jump into bed with them. When a guy is directly surrounded by immodest females, however, the potential for obsession and temptation enters a whole new dimension. We’ve got a vicious cycle going, and failing to acknowledge it as a problem is not likely to help.

Call me a prude. I’ve been called worse, so if you are all about “freedom to act like a jackass and dress like a whore” then feel free. You’d be overlooking the real issue. But if you’d like, you could glare at me and call me a moral extremist, turning things around so I look like the one whose thinking is distorted. Heck, if you’ve put thought into it you could slap together an entire semi-impressive argument; I’ve heard the joke about sex being clean, healthy fun and other related theories. “Why fuss over self restraint if the best method is to do it with whomever you’d like at any given point?” I have heard some academics say self-control is only repression and they tell us that’s not good, while still other crazies insist that marriage is prostitution. You should be warned that these people are idiots. If you are one of them, please reconsider. Honestly. Do you really think you can have sex whenever you want, and it won’t mess you up emotionally? And that’s not to mention all the diseases.

Clearly, some people think that the more skin we see, the better. Think twice: it’s a trap. A painful lure that, for men and women both, can be difficult to escape. Gone are the days when girls dressing questionably was a shock. A shallow Rolling Stone culture and large quantities of denial have numbed us through that stage. Now we’ve run headlong into an atmosphere where only the ‘very conservative’ make a conscious effort to dress appropriately (or, in the case of men, try not to stare). It seems that, as nearly-naked women become nearly-naked mothers, a whole generation is growing up without parents who will tell them “You’re not leaving the house in that!”

The more adjusted men become to seeing women in public practically undressed – and the more adjusted women become to seeing other women that way – the more skin we gradually accept as normal. But it’s not normal — suggestion is a powerful thing. How much further than a 4-inch skirt will a girl go for attention? How convinced can a guy become that sex is a harmless way to have fun?

When people fool and harm themselves, it cannot be anything but catastrophic for society. Look at the teenage pregnancy rate. It has dropped recently, but is it low enough? Do a little research and see what percentage of marriages end in divorce; how many stories have you heard of an enjoyable divorce? But we refuse to learn. Too many parents have begun telling their kids to use protection instead of teaching them to wait. Too many view abortion as an option for the one out of a hundred cases when our beloved “protection” doesn’t work.

People are starting to have sex at younger and younger ages, more children are being born into single-parent homes, the list of tragedies goes on. And we say that society’s general disregard for any form of physical modesty is not a problem? When sixteen year old girls dress like prostitutes, it’s going to cause huge difficulties not only for them but for their male friends as well. When kids are having sex in junior high, it should be no surprise that a scary percentage of college students have contracted STDs.

If we will not recognize the threats of casual sex, things will only get worse. Sex used to be considered reserved for married couples – and with good reason. Approaced in any other fashion, it is a poison or at best a time bomb for later relationships. Yet we continue doing whatever we want, and then get pissed that our dating lives are complete garbage. Meanwhile we seem to become more confused and twisted every day. “Alternative lifestyles” that are clearly wrong are pushed as acceptable; men and women having promiscuous sex with each other has become such a foregone conclusion that the elite are moving on to more exciting topics. This must not be the direction in which we continue. Gentlemen, have some respect and stop obsessing over curves. Ladies – put a shirt on, for crying out loud!

At this rate, in 20 years we’ll be back to running around draped in vines and assorted leafy materials. That would not be good.