I cannot find a line
between sing-song and bland;
Between melodramatic and dismal.
I’ve overused all my favorite

song lyrics – they feel worn out
Can I think of a movie quote to apply?
Not off-hand — Please understand,
Even if I could write notes for guitar
I would not try to write them for this
It would be too much effort
…and at the same time, could not do justice
Maybe I’ll backtrack
tomorrow and try

To make just a few more
lines rhyme.
After all, it’s late
and maybe something
big will happen
Maybe someone will show up
Who gives me a reason to daydream
Not that things

Are dark right now —
They’re actually real good
But it would seem
This feeling I don’t have
is one I should
I’m not depressed,
Not burned out or
even worn down;
Just tired.

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