Redhawks Hockey vs. Alaska Fairbanks, 11-22-03

7:35pm Goggin Ice Arena
Miami 5, Alaska Fairbanks 4

I do not know how the Redhawks can score so very much one night, and then have so much trouble the next. I was not in town the weekend Michigan was here… but to win 8-3 one night and lose 2-1 the next seems strange to me. If you glanced over the scores, you noticed that Miami beat the Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks soundly on Friday, November 21. A 7-1 win is nothing to scoff at (unless of course it’s college kids playing third graders). Enter Saturday.

The Redhawks did not score in the first period. This was frustrating, but would have been acceptable but for the fact that they allowed 2 goals. Yes, the Nanooks only managed one goal the night before (while allowing seven)… but somehow posted two goals in the first period. Furthermore, one of these was shorthanded, and that isn’t cool. The second period brought with it a more successful Miami offense; the first goal was scored by one of the freshmen and was a sweet as-he-was-falling shot. By the end of the second period the game was tied up.

Long story short (I should have written this last night because I’ve already forgotten the details), just when it would look as though the Redhawks had saved it — the Nanooks just kept scoring. The final Nanooks goal was a nasty shot at the upper 90 over our goalie’s left shoulder. But, another Miami freshman brought the game to an end in OT.

Redhawks Hockey vs. Alaska Fairbanks, 11-21-03

7:35pm Goggin Ice Arena
Miami 7, Alaska Fairbanks 1

Redhawk scoring, and lots of it. As you can see by the 7-1 final score, that pretty much sums up this Friday night game against… the “Nanooks”? I guess you have to be from Alaska for that name to sound anything but really funny. I think maybe it’s some kind of polar bear, but I doubt if that’s general knowledge. The team lived up to the name’s funny-ness, sadly for them. I got there with 15:00 left in the second period and the score was already 3-0, Miami. Things were slow for awhile.

Then the third period came around, and the Redhawks started connecting with the back of the net. A bunch. When we scored our fourth goal, the Nanooks pulled their starting goalie. The backup did not do much better, and the Redhawks scored three more goals before the night was over. Unfortunately they did allow Alaska-Fairbanks to score with under four minutes left, ruining the Redhawks’ shutout.


in the car, i thought about writing a poem. the stars look even better through a sunroof… it’s proof that some things are out of industrialization and materialism’s reach. not that i don’t like my sunroof (i do). but i was driving along, not going anywhere, not sure how far i should go before turning around, and thinking that when i get back here (my room) i should try to put that glance of the night sky into words. that was the problem with it – the words. i can never find quite the right ones. so i will stick with ‘regular’ writing over a poem, because a) this way i can focus on ideas instead of every last word, and 2) poetry would only further sappiness-up something already sufficiently sappy, in my opinion.

see, i’m not even looking at the screen right now. except to see how many letters to delete when i horribly tangle up a word, i’m keeping my eyes shut. i don’t know why. mostly i’m hoping this will help me keep on the train of thought, instead of looking back over every sentence as i go along. the problem is, it might not be recognizable when i open my eyes. so earlier, maybe fifteen minutes ago, i was thinking about writing a poem and then about why i shouldn’t and then about how i always end up writing about the writing itself at some point. i don’t know if i’m just really a grammar/english nerd or if it’s easier to write about writing than to even try and write about something else.

tonight i could not handle just dropping off my sister, and driving back home, and doing homework for half an hour before i go to bed. i didn’t have a bad or a great day but it was another thursday, which will be followed by another friday and then a weekend and then another week of “just” days. a drive seemed the only logical conclusion, as it often does when i notice the tank is three-fourths full and the sky is clear. the sky is really, really clear.

i could have seen the stars as easily from in town, even though the city lights dim them a bit. but the town itself is starting to weigh on me for whatever reason and especialy since it’s a weekend night i wanted to get out. i picked the north route because it’s usually most abandoned. i kept going until i found a decent looking route to wander. i had never been here before.

my car might as well have been picked up and dropped in kentucky. i can’t imagine where all those hills came from. subconsciously and then consciously i was looking for a spot to pull over and sit for awhile and give the sky more than a glance through the roof. i found several but did not want to turn around in someone’s driveway. i don’t know what alternative i exepected to find, but i kept driving. at the bottom of another hill i passed a waiting sheriff and remembered that i’m a college guy wandering around at 11:00 on a thursday.

i crossed a set of uneven tracks (the sign said so and it was right) and came to a t-intersection. not wanting to u-turn with the sheriff half a block away, i turned left. i don’t know what road i was on or even what road i turned off of, but home was only a right turn and a few stop signs away. i don’t know where i ended up but it was a small village and i don’t think i’d been there. hard to tell in the dark but even in the dark (or especially in the dark, rather) i felt uncomfortable turning around here. I decided to turn in the middle of a open stretch of road but halfway through the u realized the road led to abrupt four-foot drops on either side. embarassed, i backed up and went to the next driveway and turned in. before i could change my mind a motion light flicked on and despite lights suddenly showing around the next bend i backed out and headed for home. fast.

the stars had been forgotten. even with nowhere to go and nothing to hide i felt nervous. if i stopped on the side of the road, it would take my headlights a few seconds to go out. a few seconds for someone to notice and call the police and send a personal greeter to ask me why i was sitting in my car on the side of the road at night. big deal.

but i did not stop now. even when i passed a smooth place i’d noticed on the way out, i kept going. with classes again in the morning, maybe it was best i not look at the stars for too long.

when town came into view, the city lights looked much wider spread than i remember. i took one final detour down a road whose destination i’d always wondered, but after passing a spooky one-lane bridge with only blackness visible past the high steel frame sides, i decided it was time to be home. cars and houses and pedestrians everywhere were almost welcome sights. people on the sidewalks, people in their houses, people wasting time. how many would have noticed if i’d never turned around?

Redhawks Football vs. Marshall, 11-12-03

7:30pm Yager Stadium, Oxford
Miami 45, Marshall 6

Ah… the score pretty much says it all. The Redhawks came on fast, the defense didn’t let down, and the offense was stellar as usual. Roethlisberger brought his A-game and (obviously, since they killed Marshall) the whole team was hot.

I wasn’t actually at the game, just listened on the radio, so I am not in much position to give a game summary. I can say it was extremely windy, the game was over by the middle of the third, and Miami has got one heck of a football team this year. I don’t know or care to hunt down statistics, but I can safely bet it’s been awhile since we’ve beaten Marshall by so very, very much. And that’s that. A final score of 45-6? Yep.

Redhawks Hockey vs. Bama-Huntsville, 11-7-03

7:35pm Goggin Ice Arena
Miami 4, Alabama-Huntsville 2

My first hockey game of the season… a good one to start off with! When you’re playing a team from Alabama, you expect to easily win. No offense to Alabama, but it’s Alabama… and hockey. And ice is not a big part of many southerners’ heritage. However, the game was a close one. Miami controlled the ice for the better part of the first period, and put the first goal on the board. Alabama-Huntsville responded minutes later — and then scored again only a couple minutes after that.

The teams traded penalties but, while the ‘Hawks prevented the Chargers from scoring further goals and running away with the game, they also failed to answer AH’s second goal. The second period ended with the score still at 2-1 and things looking sluggish.

With under five minutes left in the third period, the puck started finding the back of the Visitors’ net. Miami scored their second goal to tie the game. Seemingly before Alabama-Huntsville knew what hit them, the next face-off led to another Miami goal, putting the hawks in the lead with precious few minutes remaining. Adding insult to injury, the Redhawks scored their fourth goal with under a minute left in the game, after AH removed their goalie for additional offense.

Redhawks Football vs. BG, 11-4-03

7:30pm Yager Stadium
Miami 33, Bowling Green 10

MAN! As far as MAC teams go, Miami looked like a juggernaut tonight. We were all hopeful – Bowling Green has been ranked in the top 25 for several weeks and seemed to more than deserve the attention. But our offense has been cranking out touchdowns like it’s nobody’s business, and the team has looked consistently good since week two. Yet all the football wise men kept going on about Northern Illinois… and then BG beat them. Miami was having a great season — Bowling Green was having a better one.

Not tonight. A game that started out pretty messy for both sides soon became a solid beating. BG quarterback Josh Harris could not make much happen, and Miami’s defense made one heck of a showing. And although our offense struggled at first, once it kicked into gear an upset seemed imminent. While the first half closed with Bowling Green’s first 7 points (following an earlier missed field goal) and the failure of Miami to build a strong lead, the Redhawks came out ready to play for the second half. Starting with a 10-7 lead going into the third, Miami scored 14 more points and held BG at 7 to put the game all but out of reach headed for the fourth. Another Harris fumble and only 3 more BG points later, this game was one for the books. Roethlisberger won’t win the Heisman (at least not this year) but he is not bad. Final score: Miami 33, Bowling Green 10.