Redhawks Football vs. BG, 11-4-03

7:30pm Yager Stadium
Miami 33, Bowling Green 10

MAN! As far as MAC teams go, Miami looked like a juggernaut tonight. We were all hopeful – Bowling Green has been ranked in the top 25 for several weeks and seemed to more than deserve the attention. But our offense has been cranking out touchdowns like it’s nobody’s business, and the team has looked consistently good since week two. Yet all the football wise men kept going on about Northern Illinois… and then BG beat them. Miami was having a great season — Bowling Green was having a better one.

Not tonight. A game that started out pretty messy for both sides soon became a solid beating. BG quarterback Josh Harris could not make much happen, and Miami’s defense made one heck of a showing. And although our offense struggled at first, once it kicked into gear an upset seemed imminent. While the first half closed with Bowling Green’s first 7 points (following an earlier missed field goal) and the failure of Miami to build a strong lead, the Redhawks came out ready to play for the second half. Starting with a 10-7 lead going into the third, Miami scored 14 more points and held BG at 7 to put the game all but out of reach headed for the fourth. Another Harris fumble and only 3 more BG points later, this game was one for the books. Roethlisberger won’t win the Heisman (at least not this year) but he is not bad. Final score: Miami 33, Bowling Green 10.

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