Redhawks Football vs. Marshall, 11-12-03

7:30pm Yager Stadium, Oxford
Miami 45, Marshall 6

Ah… the score pretty much says it all. The Redhawks came on fast, the defense didn’t let down, and the offense was stellar as usual. Roethlisberger brought his A-game and (obviously, since they killed Marshall) the whole team was hot.

I wasn’t actually at the game, just listened on the radio, so I am not in much position to give a game summary. I can say it was extremely windy, the game was over by the middle of the third, and Miami has got one heck of a football team this year. I don’t know or care to hunt down statistics, but I can safely bet it’s been awhile since we’ve beaten Marshall by so very, very much. And that’s that. A final score of 45-6? Yep.

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