Redhawks Hockey vs. Alaska Fairbanks, 11-21-03

7:35pm Goggin Ice Arena
Miami 7, Alaska Fairbanks 1

Redhawk scoring, and lots of it. As you can see by the 7-1 final score, that pretty much sums up this Friday night game against… the “Nanooks”? I guess you have to be from Alaska for that name to sound anything but really funny. I think maybe it’s some kind of polar bear, but I doubt if that’s general knowledge. The team lived up to the name’s funny-ness, sadly for them. I got there with 15:00 left in the second period and the score was already 3-0, Miami. Things were slow for awhile.

Then the third period came around, and the Redhawks started connecting with the back of the net. A bunch. When we scored our fourth goal, the Nanooks pulled their starting goalie. The backup did not do much better, and the Redhawks scored three more goals before the night was over. Unfortunately they did allow Alaska-Fairbanks to score with under four minutes left, ruining the Redhawks’ shutout.

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