Redhawks Hockey vs. Alaska Fairbanks, 11-22-03

7:35pm Goggin Ice Arena
Miami 5, Alaska Fairbanks 4

I do not know how the Redhawks can score so very much one night, and then have so much trouble the next. I was not in town the weekend Michigan was here… but to win 8-3 one night and lose 2-1 the next seems strange to me. If you glanced over the scores, you noticed that Miami beat the Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks soundly on Friday, November 21. A 7-1 win is nothing to scoff at (unless of course it’s college kids playing third graders). Enter Saturday.

The Redhawks did not score in the first period. This was frustrating, but would have been acceptable but for the fact that they allowed 2 goals. Yes, the Nanooks only managed one goal the night before (while allowing seven)… but somehow posted two goals in the first period. Furthermore, one of these was shorthanded, and that isn’t cool. The second period brought with it a more successful Miami offense; the first goal was scored by one of the freshmen and was a sweet as-he-was-falling shot. By the end of the second period the game was tied up.

Long story short (I should have written this last night because I’ve already forgotten the details), just when it would look as though the Redhawks had saved it — the Nanooks just kept scoring. The final Nanooks goal was a nasty shot at the upper 90 over our goalie’s left shoulder. But, another Miami freshman brought the game to an end in OT.

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