Redhawks Hockey vs. Ohio State, 12-6-03

7:35pm Goggin Ice Arena
Miami 4, Ohio State 2

The Buckeyes team entered this weekend at 6th in the nation. With Ohio State leading the CCHA and Miami trailing close behind, I looked forward to tonight’s game in the home-and-home series. Even more so when I found out that last night, Miami won in Columbus. How about that! Tonight, Ohio State struck first in the opening period with a nasty shot just below the left upper-90. But within minutes, the Redhawks answered. And also broke a panel of the glass in the boards, which was cool. Despite a delay to replace the glass, the period remained tense and ended at 1-1.

Before a third of the second period had ticked away, Miami scored their second goal to take the lead. Again, the Buckeyes answered, and again the period ended tied… this time at 2-2 (for those of you not keeping up with the math). But the third period, the Redhawks took over in a game where both teams had gotten few shots and many penalties. Ohio State failed to answer Miami’s third goal, and with several minutes remaining Miami scored a fourth to seal the deal. 4-2, and the Redhawks ought to move into at least the top 20 with a weekend sweep of Ohio State.

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