Redhawks Hockey vs. Western Michigan, 2-28-04

7:35pm Goggin Ice Arena
Miami 5, Western Michigan 2

Excellent game! The Redhawks controlled the ice for a majority of the game, and although WMU’s goalie had a great night Miami put in 5. Ok, they put in 4, and then the 5th “goal” was granted after the Broncos commited a penalty during an open-net breakaway. Still – 4 goals is not bad. There was a lot of checking, but not too many penalties. The game went fast and the Hawks had a lot of shots and it was a good time.

Western Michigan scored 2 goals on less than a dozen shots, but Crawford-West played well… the shots that got through were pretty nasty ones. Probably the high point of the game was Miami’s 4th goal: a beautiful pass to the top of the crease, slapped right into the corner of the net. It sealed the deal and was just so dang pretty. Final: Miami – 5; Western Michigan – 2. A dose of redemption from an unfortunate tie the night before.


At last my knuckles’ skins aren’t cracked
The weeks of ice are drawing back
The drains and sidewalks gladly pull
new waters underground

Some summer plans are taking shape
Some schemes are looking not so great
Excitement comes with skies less grey
and sunshine sneaking down

Wet grass and mud smell fresh and new
The warmer air’s refreshing, too
A t-shirt and light jacket are
somehow exciting things

Now longer days are creeping in
Beyond a doubt, it’s spring again
Another spring, another try
No, I should not give up