I got back out of bed when the storm first moved in
But not quite so dramatic, it was just the wind
at the windows that shook off my late midday nap
as it rattled then rushed on its way down the street

And so it goes with my time. Here’s another day
ended rather uneventfully. Another
evening blows by with homework before bedtime.
I’ll wake up to frosted windows, cold sky, classes.

No two days are the same but they’re all too alike
hurry off, hurry back. Take a break – eat a snack
and off again. Three years almost done; one more left
And then off to hurry at something somewhere else.

What if this were it? Sun and rain, air and classes
tearing past towards… nothing. Money saved for seconds
that will also pass too fast. Hope would be insane!
Bleak as this world is, hope is more real than the wind.

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