Noisy town

crrchunk chuk chuk cheeeee
No more semis
stopping in the night
air brakes popping and squealing
as they roll to the stop sign eighteen feet
from my window

Enough with the buses!
pads worn from constant braking
screaming at the pavement as they drag
the noisy monsters to a halt – all too close to the
room where I sleep

assorted ridiculous noises
All day long,
through the night,
and hey, why not some more the next day?
Growling SUVs, speeding Porsches,
those idiotic noisy-mufflered Hondas
pass by in constant succession

One of four busy streets
in a small town
where everyone wants attention
…And leaving the window shut
would result in overheated
air-conditioner-less death
So open it stays, which is great
but for the intersection being
one very small lot away

When I graduate I will go back to the country
after a hopefully brief trip up
the ladder in some city web design firm
I can get used to the noise
I have gotten used to it
unless “used to it” means that
it no longer drives me crazy

Living in town is interesting
because there’s more activity
with people around and stuff going on
But then, i’m boring
and don’t do a lot one way or another
So i’ll take the squirrels, hawks,
and a dozen acres… For now,
I’d give an arm and a leg
(ok, how about fifty bucks a semester)
to live just one block to the north

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