What I Need

A solid place to stand;
Smooth stone for soft feet
Enough light to see;
Warm sun for weak eyes
Truth behind lies and
Silent grace beneath the noise.

I need what’s been given
But am reluctant to grasp,
To listen,
To read,
To daily choose.

Don’t need more time,
More convincing;
Just reminders for
A stubborn brain:

Blue behind clouds.
Water running through
Breeze-blown trees
As dirt is hidden
by new growth.

Illumination by fools
doing it wrong,
By friends doing it right.
Clarity in furthest wanderings.
Correction. Foregiveness.

Head down, keep walking

I crossed the street without looking today
Granted, it was just a quiet one-way
Avoid eye contact when there’s nothing to say
Don’t turn if there’s risk that she’s looking

Eight or ten steps from one curb to the next
A short twelve feet further from nothing, at best
And to think, push time backwards twenty steps
I thought we had chances or something