I read yesterday on the station’s website
that rebound cases are likely to strike
those who use over-the-counter medications
three times a week or more.

Doesn’t that completely figure…
As if my hand weren’t already on the trigger
of my own painful or pain-free state
Now I have to decide what hurts bad enough…

What hurts bad enough, and what does not
to make it worth risking another shot
of pain as bad – or worse – later in the week.
Another factor to mull over as I wake up

Every single day and wonder, ”
Will I want to cry by after-
noon?” Did I sleep too little,
too much, or in the wrong position?

At least with drugs you get the high
(or so I’ve heard) before your eyes
Go dim from pain. I should try crack
to keep things interesting

if I’m going to end up feeling nasty anyway.

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