My Apologies

I expect that, at midnight tonight, the world will come to an abrupt end. And I must admit (in the most solemnly sarcastic of tones) that it is my fault. I think today I met the girl I was meant to marry, but I didn’t ask for her phone number. Cute, goes to a Christian college, enjoys heckling protestors… anyway, ripples in the pond, butterfly effect, etc., I may have inadvertently ruined God’s plan for all eternity. If you read this prior to 12:00 a.m. on August 29th (nobody’s going to, just let it go), take heed! If you read this at any point after that – well, I’m wrong again and that’s not the end of the world.

For those of you bored enough to expand this entry, first let me beg your pardon for that half baked play on words. On a marginally more serious note, I was on my A-game today as far as politics and socializing go. I volunteered to help out with Dubya’s visit to Troy, got assigned to wander around with a clipboard making sure people were registered to vote, and put my tour guide voice/gently self-depracating humor into high gear. Yeah, I didn’t realize it had a high gear either. There were locally important politicians and college females taking note.

It is still hot & muggy and I still don’t like it. The Redhawks game was delayed 40 minutes on account of lightning, and since we got kicked out of the stadium we just came home. Regional ESPN was here though, and from what little I watched on TV I’d have to say Betts will be, to quote Switchfoot, “more than fine.” The Michigan game may be physically painful and I’m not 100% sure I want to travel in said state in anything less than a battleship. I plan to ride in the back seat crying softly with my eyes closed.

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