Minor Locomotive Collision

I’ve decided I’m just not going to cut my hair until Christmas break. When else in my life will I be able to get away with looking like a bum for a couple of months? It’s not like I need to look presentable, since I don’t have a girlfriend and don’t see myself acquiring one before… ever. And it should be at least February by the time I start doing job interviews and stuff. Why make an effort to look important when the fact is, I am anything but?

Nothing screws over a perfectly good week like spending the first half minus the ability to breathe through your nose. I came home one evening thinking, “boy, good thing grandpa sent this tin of tea, that’ll feel perfect on the ol’ throat!” I opened the Lipton Assorted Tea container to find… a hamburger bun bag filled with peanuts. Which come in awful handy for watching football, but I sure was let down at the time.

And there’s something about watching the leaves turn in Oxford for what you realize is the last time that makes you wonder if you’ve accomplished anything worthwhile in the last three years. College students have no business reading Ecclesiastes; what seem like 300 repetitions of “Everything is meaningless” are less than invigorating for someone whose average day involves nine hours of sleep, three hours of trying to stay awake in class, and two cereal-based meals. Then again, reading the Bible too much is not a particular problem for someone so poorly dedicated as myself.

Two solid sources of joy during a stressful stretch:

Be still in the presence of the Lord,
and wait patiently for him to act.
Don’t worry about evil people who prosper
or fret about their wicked schemes.

Stop your anger!
Turn from your rage!
Do not envy others —
it only leads to harm.
For the wicked will be destroyed,
but those who trust in the Lord will posess
the land.
[Psalm 37:7-9]

Well there’s a football in the air,
across a leaf-blown field.
Yeah, and there’s your first car on the road,
and the girl you’d steal.

So go on with yourself
If there’s a feeling that there’s something else
Seems like it’s always understood
This time of year.
[Kevin Griffin – “This Time of Year”]

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