Start Reading Froggy, and Don’t Stop

If you’ve not read Froggy Ruminations before, you really ought to. Matt Heidt always has a smart, sharp point to make about the latest military-related news. His most recent entry is a particularly good one:

Obviously, Human Rights Watch does not consider any action in Iraq to be a worthwhile exercise and probably most things are construed as oppressive or cruel. Whatever. They are entitled to their bias which is the reason they are subsidized by The Left and hailed by moonbats everywhere. But they are not entitled to inject themselves into a legal proceeding in which they have no standing. Arrogant admonitions of punishment against innocent combat veterans may pay the bills, but it doesn’t make you right. Why don’t you take a nice little jaunt up to North Korea and see if anyone around there could use some ‘jailtime’… bitch.

No politically correct cushioning, plenty of acerbic wit. Check it out, regardless of whether or not I spelled acerbic correctly.

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