good thing i hit both stoplights red on the way out. if not, i’d be passing the oxford patrolman doing 70 instead of braking to fall in behind him as he turns in front of me. the average college student applies simple rules of chemistry to feel better about the world. i’ve never liked alcohol, drunks, or averages; my preferred avoidance method relies on physics. i don’t need to slow down my brain, i just need to go fast enough to outpace it. if my car were, for instance, a honda, i probably would have suffered a nervous breakdown months ago.

ask where i’m going, and i’ll say “nowhere.” you’d assume i were being mysterious, unless you knew better. averaging fifteen over the speed limit i’d get to the closest trail inside hueston woods right on time for the park to close at dusk. i don’t want to go for a walk anyway, although i tend to be in favor of fresh air. at the main entrance i use the empty pavement to slide back southward, visiting the park just long enough for my low traction light to come on. i’m burning gas as if i owned the local BP, it’s a waste of money, i don’t care.

far and away the worst thing about realizing something doesn’t matter is how you continue to feel as though it did. work the curves all you want, and your brain stays right on top of things, guiding your hands and your eyes whether you ask it to or not. give your emotions three feet of slack, and they might not catch up with reality for months.

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