Revenge of Stuff

Melted junk

Should’ve known better than to write such an unrelentingly materialistic post and expect to get away with it. Let’s see… Friday I broke my couch. This was after I somehow ruined a brand new memory card for my camera, but before the driver’s side window in my car came off its track. The window incident preceded my discovery of the above completely un-frozen freezer, which was followed by my bedroom air conditioner making a sound as if a squirrel was mysteriously jammed inside.

In the couch’s defense, I did sit on it. Silly me; one must never, ever attempt to sit on a couch, especially a couch weakened by an overwhelming 6 months of age. In the freezer’s defense, well, it was only doing what I apparently told it to do when I chickened the dial from “Medium” to “Minimum.” Stupid chicken. The freezer takes at least some of the blame for being so small that I had to prop the pizza on something at an angle and them shove the chicken in on top of that.

What I should (and may or may not) remember next time I try to pull something out of my freezer – it’s basically one icy mass of melted boxes at this point – is Matthew 6:19-20:

(19) Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. (20) But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…

Maybe I’ll remember, too, when I’m shelling out who-knows-how-much to have my car door pulled apart and the window fixed. Or when I’m wondering how a chipmunk with a tiny jackhammer got into my air conditioner. Now that I’ve got actual income, I’m finding it harder to focus on real treasures. Talk about your all time backfires!


One of the most important things about setting up a website – probably number two, behind knowing why you’re making one – is thinking of a good name.

Well I usually don’t think of good ones, so “Overgrad” is what you get. I wanted something that described being finished with college and nothing I could think of was catchier or more succinct. This little site, then, will be dedicated to the sort of phase-limbo of being done with school but not particularly different for it. You get your degree, you find a job, and then what?

What, indeed.

Benefits of Bachelorhood, Exhibits A – C

Onkyo plus Samsung - mmm

If I say the above picture was taken on a new 6 megapixel Canon with an LCD display the size of your head, would that make this post self-explanatory?

I feel compelled to note, also, that my first impression of Onkyo is spectacular. Granted, I was just testing the speakers before putting all but 3 away until I have “places” to “put them” when I’ve moved in August. But this system set me back under $250 and the subwoofer alone could knock over a water buffalo (either by physical impact or with its acoustic powers).

Oh, and each speaker wrapper is sealed with color coded tape that matches the speaker connections, the wires, and the receiver outputs. That is just extremely impressive for some reason.