I have a website, which you’ve picked up on if you read my last whiney post or if you knew me during my “hey I think I’ll write about that on my website” phase. The vision for the thing, originally and at most times during its lifespan, has featured reviews about music and movies in an effort to trick hapless surfers into reading my writing. There have been times I’ve thought it’s worthwhile, and times I’ve thought it’s not.

Lately I’ve been leaning more towards the latter. In part, because I know (as I’ve always known) there are not all that many people wandering the internet looking for music and movie recommendations from some random dude. Why bother with my crappy reviews when Rolling Stone, Yahoo!, and every local paper in the country is more than covering the crappy reviews beat? That’s a serious question in terms of whether or not the site is worth my time, especially since the chances are even slimmer that someone will like my music reviews and dig further into what I’ve got online.

Another serious question is “What part of my brain is broken?” Because no matter what big or little change I’m making to a page, I have to change a hundred thousand other things while I’m at it. I finally got around to adding reviews for a couple of Foo Fighters CDs I’ve had for… sheesh, going on a year now. And then when I was finished – I started messing with one of the other reviews. Then I noticed some bad grammar in the one before that. Then I decided to change some other completely unnoticable things. And here we are! Although I might make changes to the way Blogger works, the hands-off-ness of the system is what got me writing here in the first place. If I can type something up and hit a button, it’s a little easier to post without subsequently changing it over and over like a total whack-job nerd genius.

But just a little.

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