Another Fair Entry

Oh yeah, and something funny I forgot! In our afternoon at the fair, my sisters and I wandered through the merchant’s building, or whatever it’s called. You know what I mean, the big air conditioned plane-hangerish place where you can buy bulk candy, used hats, and those display vacuums with a ball hovering over them… all under one roof. I’ve not been to many different fairs, but I’m taking a leap and assuming a building of this sort is part of the standard fairground layout.

The funny part – well, beyond the mulleted masses and cat-bags and bizarre medicinal trappings – was the positioning of two booths in particular. I first noticed the Dianetics booth, and laughed and laughed. Then I realized what it was next to: the Ohio Democratic Party booth. If I’d had my camera, and I didn’t fear the cult members’ reaction, I would have snapped a picture. Talk about a match made in heaven!

This made me wonder… was the placement an accident? Did the Scientology kooks request to be next to the Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland folks, in hope of feeding off their warm and happy progressive energy? Did the Democratic Party rep ask if maybe their table could be next to a brainwashing fringe group, thereby snapping up zomboid voters while demonstrating a respect for “religion?” Most likely, I think, is the possibility that some wicked conservative put the two side by side – in an effort to discredit the Dianetics salesmen.

Then I bet he cackled so maniacally that his top hat and monocle fell off into his pile of gold.

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