In case you were wondering…

I can’t imagine a way you would have just shown up here without me tricking you into it, but hey. Let’s keep all the bases covered.

Almost exactly five years ago I started writing a “book,” with every intention of it becoming an actual book but no illusions about “selling copies” or anything like that. So many things about being a freshman in college went unsaid, so I figured I’d take a stab at saying them. I wrote a lot in a journal, then worked thoughts and stories into chapters, then rewrote and revised the chapters half a million times each. And here we are, with In Dependence in a format I should have thought to post long ago.

In between and following the attempt at a full length book, I wrote assorted quickie movie reviews, music reviews, and other things of unspeakable dorkiness at Recently I set up a Blogger site at, where I plan on writing some updates to go along with what you can read here. On that note – thanks for reading!