Thought you’d heard the last of O.J. Simpson? I, for one, was hoping* the miserable creep would see continued fame only via tabloids on his way to hell. Mankind is not so fortunate.

O.J. has an upcoming interview on Fox where he’ll push his new book (published by a Fox subsidiary) describing how he would have killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Hypothetically. If he’d done it.

In a promotional clip for the interview Simpson is shown answering questions posed by an unseen woman.

“You wrote, ‘I have never seen so much blood in my life’,” the woman asks.

“I don’t think any two people could be murdered without everybody being covered in blood,” Simpson answers.

If anyone still had themselves convinced that O.J. Simpson is not a murderer, so much for that. Let’s say O.J. were innocent. Would an innocent man describe, in graphic detail, murders he was once tried for committing? What if one of the victims was his ex-wife, and the mother of his children? And how’s that tireless search for the murderer coming? As a coworker said, “I think it’s safe to assume the killer’s not hiding on a golf course.”

Enjoy this while it lasts, O.J. – your time will come.

* I just finished watching The Punisher again. I wish Thomas Jane would have at O.J. with an unnecessarily complicated combination of arrows, knives, explosives and fire. For days.

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