Come January, Steny Hoyer will be 2nd-in-command in the U.S. House of Representatives. This is an indication that the Democrats are planning to be at least marginally reasonable about the War on Terror. Right? Maybe not, if Hoyer’s own press release is any indication…

Among other things, we intend to raise the minimum wage, implement all of the bipartisan 9-11 commission recommendations, cut college costs, make prescription drugs more affordable, and urge President Bush to change course in Iraq.

Or in other words: screw the economy, screw the economy, screw the economy, abandon Iraq. The economic monkeying is standard Democrat fare so far as I can tell, but why has it become so vital we “change course” in Iraq? Because having a volunteer military that fights to defend America’s interests is unacceptable?

In the case of Iraq, I am pro-war. Certainly not for war’s sake. Not for oil. But because I’d much rather terrorists rush headlong into martyrdom by U.S.M.C. gunfire than at the controls of a 747 or by self-detonation in downtown Washington. By and large, isn’t that what’s happening in Iraq?

See Mark Steyn’s America Alone and check every once in awhile. The world is not a happy place, and our allies don’t seem to mind so long as the United States is the Great[est] Satan atop your average terrorist’s list. If we’re too busy protecting the world from America’s horrible influence, who will protect America from the world’s?

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