Resume Resume-ing

Ah, fun with words. The perfect way to ruin a post before it’s started! Let’s just say it seems like a fitting opener to the first thing I’ve written for… awhile. But I haven’t messed with my resume in some time, either, so why not do both at once!

Anyone who has had the joy of searching for a job, applying for lots of them, and interviewing for a few knows it’s not too much fun. You can only guess how literally to take posted requirements; do they really mean “3 years experience,” or would 1.5 years plus a great memory fit the bill? You never know how to answer their questions; if they have a 200 word limit, should I write 197 words or will 20 do? Not to mention the places who spring an entire panel of interviewers on you – surprise, we’ll be attacking you from all sides today!

I’ll not provide the impression that I hate my current job, because that’s not the case. I like my coworkers and I enjoy some of the work. I can’t even say I expect the grass to be greener on whatever other side I find myself occupying, but I’m thinking I could do similar work for a lot more money. As nice as it is to be occasionally appreciated and know that two or three people will miss me when they realize I’ve left, I don’t feel like that makes up for a salary some 30% below the average for government work in my field.

Unmotivated as I am, how much does this really matter? Probably not a whole bunch. I remembered that there were a couple of interesting postings with the State closing today… or at least there would have been if it were still Friday when I noticed. Oops!