Startling, Given His Character!

Somehow William Jefferson Clinton remains a lefty icon; I wonder how this New York Times story will affect Democratic voters’ perception of him. In short, President Clinton made a stop on a “philanthropic tour” to meet with Nursultan A. Nazarbayev, the leader of basket-case Kazakhstan. Clinton sang the praises of Nazarbayev, whose government granted a highly lucrative contract to an acquaintance of Clinton’s a whole two days later. Within a few months, said acquaintance had donated over $30million to Clinton’s charitable foundation.

Bill Clinton, slimy narcissist that he is, showed little respect for the title of President when he was in office… so it shouldn’t be surprising that he continues dragging it through the sewers. Will Hillary’s campaign pull him back from center stage now? Or will we be expected to believe The New York Times is party to some malevolent right-wing plot?

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