“Welcome to The Captain”

Did anyone else watch the premiere of this goofy show last night?

I liked it. I hope it’s not made possible by scab writers, cause then I’d feel guilty for wishing it wasn’t over after half an hour. The whole affair made a pretty clear effort to be quirky, and the commercials gave the impression that the result would be irritating. Turns out Jeffrey Tambor is funny even when he’s not being George Bluth; Joanna Garcia is amazing; and, when I was about to say “I’ve never heard of the lead guy or anything he’s been in”… he played a stoner in Orange County. Heh, didn’t recognize him. Even the requisite idiot friend was funny.

“Welcome to The Captain” is well cast and likeable, and appears to be another show we could add to the list of enjoyable new 2007-2008 series destined for early cancellation (current members: Pushing Daisies, Reaper, Chuck). Work with your writers, stupid entertainment execs! Come on!

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