Stanley Kurtz on Campaign ’08

If you’re sick of all the analysis and possibilities and might-have-beens about the Presidential primaries, I’d recommend reading one last thing as the next few months tear past. If you’ve not read a single thing and don’t much care to, you should read this Kurtz post anyway:

Even if Republicans can’t get an outright majority in the next congress, just staying about even with where they are now would make a huge difference. But a Democratic blowout in congress along with a Democratic president would mean the end of conservatism for the foreseeable future (maybe longer). We can prevent that, just by not staying home.

I have a sort of pattern when it comes to National Review’s The Corner. I’ll read the site heavily for awhile, get bored with it, then for some time visit only to read Mark Steyn‘s posts. I’ve been frequenting the site lately, and am reaching another boredom phase as the contributors go back and forth over and over about whether Mitt Romney still has any chance, whether he ever had a chance, the degree to which McCain would be a disaster, etc. But Kurtz states well the obvious fact: if conservatives bicker all summer and pout at home in November, the result will be a Democratic President and Congress who have no trouble concluding that if we focus on entitlement tinkering, Bush’s pretend terrorists will leave us be.

There’s a good chance we’ll get a head in the sand socialist government either way, but we’re a long way from that point.

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