…And another Tragic Loss

Upstanding Islamic Jihad commander Ayman al-Fayed was, in a cruel twist of fate, killed in an explosion today.

Islamic Jihad and witnesses blamed the explosion on an Israeli missile strike, but the Israeli military denied involvement.

Those doggone Israelis, blowing up/maybe not blowing up/facilitating the blowing up of another psycho killer (qu’est que c’est?) whose life’s goal is to murder Israeli civilians.

In other news, the top United Nations humanitarian affairs official, John Holmes, visited Gaza Friday and says he was shocked by the misery he says has been caused by Israel’s closure of the border. He is calling for the crossings to be opened so the people of Gaza can get food, power and other essential supplies.

useful idiot
– noun
1. John Holmes
see also, “The overwhelming majority of United Nations humanitarian affairs officials.”

Who’s to blame for the Palestinian territories being a flaming wreck? Hamas? Fatah? Islamic Jihad? Oh, that’s right… Israel.

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