On the bright side, it sounds like Pakistan held a peaceful, relatively democratic election. Less brightly, the least-bad option for American interests got thoroughly whipped. From The New York Times:

Politicians and party workers from Mr. Musharraf’s party said the vote was a protest against government policies and the rise in terrorism here, in particular against Mr. Musharraf’s heavy-handed way of dealing with militancy and his use of the army against tribesmen in the border areas, and against militants in a siege at the Red Mosque here in the capital last summer that left more than 100 people dead.

As usual, both “militants” and “tribesmen” are euphemisms for “extremist Muslims.” I can understand that some percentage of Pakistani voters would rather their government treat the looniest of their coreligionists with kid gloves than cater to American requests, but that doesn’t make it any less disastrous.

Many educated Pakistanis said they were irritated that the Bush administration chose to ignore Mr. Musharraf’s dismissal in November of the Supreme Court chief justice.

And Americans are irritated that so few Pakistani leaders show any willingness to fight the assclowns training and seeking harbor within Pakistan’s borders. Between their West-hating electorate and our surveillance-hating Democrats, things are certainly not getting any safer. Hey there, would-be martyrs! Want to plot the destruction of America? Just buy yourself a cell phone in the U.S. of A., hitch a flight to Pakistan, and chat it on up with your fellow “tribesmen”!

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