What the Deuce, Mike Huckabee?

Weekend Update on SNL tonight featured a joke about McCain claiming frontrunner status for himself following his Wisconsin victory, despite the fact that Mike Huckabee remains in the race. Seth Myers introduced Mike Huckabee to discuss the issue, and I thought “wonder who they’ll have impersonating Huckabee.” Well – they didn’t have anybody impersonating him. Gov. Huckabee came out and the audience applauded (even more than they did when Tina Fey made a cranky joke defending the “intelligent, qualified” Clintons!) and a funny little interchange followed. Huckabee played dumb about victory being mathematically impossible, mentioned superdelegates (which don’t exist in the Republican primary), and sat on camera far too long after some line about knowing when it was time to leave.

The question is… does he? Because it made for a good skit, but Huckabee didn’t mention any particular reason why he’s still in the race. I’d have thought, as a candidate for President of the United States, you could squeeze in a mention of whatever you’re trying to accomplish by waiting to bow out. Yet he did not. I’m on board with the assumption that he’s now running for VP, and I suppose his SNL appearance supports that theory more than anything else!

As a footnote: SNL has its moments, but Joel McHale is hilarious.

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