Parody and Pakistan

If you were a comedian, Pakistan would be a troubling place. What kind of joke could you make up about a country that’s beyond parody? From the Associated Press story “Bombing Kills 35 at Pakistan Funeral“:

Iqbal, the deputy police chief of the Lakki Marwat district, and his driver were killed in a roadside bomb Friday morning. By the time his body was brought to his hometown of Mingora for the funeral, night had fallen.

“Because it was dark, the suicide bomber was able to mingle among the people easily,” said Shahbuddin, an assistant inspector of police who was at the funeral.

Elsewhere in Pakistan, protesters responded in… er… incendiary fashion:

Pakistani protestors - Reuters photo

© Reuters. Run from that fire, guys! Run so fast it’ll never catch you!

Part of Reuters’ caption for the above:

Activists from the Sunni Action Committee run for safety after they caught fire while burning an effigy during a protest in Karachi February 29, 2008. Protesters in Pakistan called on Friday for ties with Denmark to be severed over the republication of one of several cartoons…

While suicide bombers murder Pakistani civilians, Pakistani civilians burn effigies of Denmark — because Danish papers reprinted cartoons mocking Islamic terrorists. The audacity of those Danes!

Speaking of audacity, let’s consider for a second Barack Obama’s stated position on Pakistan (or as Obama would say it, Pah-kee-stahn). The Iraq war is a mistake, a distraction, and a failure of diplomacy, but boy – if there are terrorists in Pakistan, a President Barack would send in the guns. What would he do after that, when Islamist nutbags came pouring in from every direction, as they have in Iraq? Apologize for the inconvenience and begin work on a diplomatic resolution?

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