Confirmed: Who Cares?

One of the losingest losers in the recent history of national Democratic politics will be endorsing Barack Obama, according to the Los Angeles Times and CNN. From LA Times blog entry “Confirmed: John Edwards to endorse Barack Obama tonight“:

It’s perfect, and not accidental timing, for the freshman senator as it will shift the political conversation away from Sen. Hillary Clinton’s lopsided victory in West Virginia Tuesday.

It’s also perfect timing for the LA Times, CNN, et al, who might otherwise be struggling to downplay the fact that Hillary smoked Obama in West Virginia in almost every demographic category. Ah, who am I kidding, they’ve got their Commentary writers to take care of that:

Over the decades, black Americans have had plenty of opportunities to vote for white people for president. And they have done so. But this is the first time that white Americans have a chance to vote for an African-American with a shot at the presidency. And what are they doing?

Many are responding quite well. Obama won the votes of many, to borrow a phrase, “hardworking white Americans,” in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming. But, elsewhere, as Obama said in a recent interview, people may need to get their head around the concept of an African-American even seeking the presidency, let alone winning it.

If you didn’t know that anyone who’s not voting for Barack Obama is not “responding quite well,” consider yourself informed… and a racist. Also keep in mind that it’s never too late to jump on the winning bandwagon – take it from George McGovern.

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