Cultural Enrichment: A New One

If you aren’t in the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog group on Facebook (woe unto ye), you might not have seen the teaser trailer! Get to it at As anticipated, it looks like Joss Whedon continues to be awesome, Nathan Fillion continues to be one of history’s greatest Canadians (how do I say that and make it sound like the compliment it should be?), and Neil Patrick Harris continues to be all kinds of funny.

Have we mentioned the latest rendition of Mario Kart? It’s a reason to own a Wii, and a reason to buy a bunch of little plastic steering wheels like a goober. Far be it from me to complain about graphics, but the graphics turn downright N64-ish in four player split screen… you won’t much mind. You will mind the AI, which Nintendo has again programmed out of the purest hate, and which is another good reason to play games with humans.

And while I’m on the topic of games: Spore. Yes, that superhyped hype machine that Will Wright’s been working on is coming up fast, and the recently released Spore Creature Creator has done something I thought impossible: it made be care about Spore. If the whole huge game is as fun as the creature creator, aeons of the collective time of Earth’s nerd population will be lost to it. Try the Creature Creator free at the EA site I linked above – if you buy the full Creature Creator at Target it comes with a coupon for $5 off Spore itself, which is $5 you’re basically throwing away if you pay the same elsewhere.

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