Horrifying Summaries

The Corner has been laying into Barack Obama pretty hard this week, which is important in order for the folks at National Review to get their checks from Karl Rove and Eeeevil Republicans, Incorporated. Or, more realistically – but no less ridiculously – it’s important because the major news outlets appear set on running interference for the Obama campaign from now until November.

Peter Kirsanow has posted a couple of simple but devastating bullet lists covering issues that a whole lot of people besides the usual suspects (yours truly, McCainiacs, board members at Rove Corp.) should be concerned about. Or would be concerned about if the major networks would cover anything substantive with something resembling even-handedness.

Going in reverse order, yesterday Kirsanow broke down Obama’s extremism and excuses with regard to the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. It’s obvious that Obama is far, far to the left of most Americans on this subject. That, or he’s so beholden to the far left when it comes to abortion that despite his beliefs – whatever they may be – he voted against a bill based on the fear that it could potentially be perceived to conflict with Roe v. Wade. Never mind the fact that he could have allayed said concern by adding a single phrase, which is something you’d think a law professor might consider.

Tuesday Kirsanow listed some of the things that should indicate, to any sober observer, what a radical Obama truly is. Not based on assumptions, distortions, or exaggerations, but on Obama’s stated positions and voting record. If you disagree with the Iraq war (while agreeing with the Afghanistan war) so strongly that Obama’s War on Terror position makes up for his numerous zany socialist stances in your mind.. then I guess you decided long ago who you were voting for. Otherwise, please don’t take His Obamaness at face value.

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