Veep Thoughts

(11:29:59 AM) Me: Wow, McCain announced his VP pick, and it’s a woman
(11:30:20 AM) Me: He’s going after those Hillary voters something fierce
(11:30:21 AM) Roommate: That is kind of surprising to me.
(11:30:35 AM) Me: From what I’ve read she’s all kinds of sharp and sane
(11:30:50 AM) Roommate: Well that’s good.
(11:30:52 AM) Me: But not a lot of experience outside of being governor of Alaska
(11:31:18 AM) Roommate: Dude, I might have to vote in this election.
(11:32:18 AM) Roommate: Governor of Alaska? That lady has got to be hardcore. Even if McCain dies of being super old we’ll have a badass president.
(11:33:01 AM) Me: Yep
(11:33:14 AM) Me: Pretty great pick in my opinion
(11:33:52 AM) Roommate: She was governor of the most anarchic state in the Union. Those people are crazy up there!
(11:34:45 AM) Me: Cap’n Change went and picked a windbag old senator for his VP
(11:35:14 AM) Me: McCain basically said, “Oh yeah? I’m picking a woman who is younger than you. Eat it.”
(11:35:25 AM) Roommate: Fairbanks is like the damn Halls of Valhalla. It can barely be considered civilized.
(11:37:08 AM) Me: “She had earned stripes — and enmity — after Murkowski made her head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. From that post, she exposed ethical violations by the state GOP chairman, also a fellow commissioner.”
(11:38:38 AM) Me: Basically Mrs. Palin here knocked off an incumbent Republican and has been taking the names and kicking the asses of shady buereaucrats ever since
(11:39:31 AM) Roommate: That is some impressive stuff.
(11:40:10 AM) Me: And she ain’t bad-lookin’ for a middle aged woman, which sadly is a big deal
(11:40:43 AM) Me: Especially against a candidate who routinely brings hippies to tears at his speeches
(11:40:49 AM) Roommate: I didn’t even think about that part. It is a shame that is a big deal.
(11:41:29 AM) Me: And whose VP I’m pretty sure has his teeth buffed weekly by a team of DuPont engineers
(11:42:01 AM) Roommate: DuPont engineers are smart dudes.

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