Investigative Journalism

From AP story “Palin’s National Guard Faces a Crisis in Personnel“:

Yet the relatively small numbers are also reminders that Republicans may be stretching their claims that Palin is qualified to be a heartbeat away from running the world’s most powerful military. Indeed, Palin’s lack of stature in national and international circles is sure to be a recurring theme for Democrats as the presidential campaigns move forward.

Emphasis mine. Hard to say which lines of attack “Democrats” will favor going forward, but the Associated Press will sure as hell be repeating this one. It’s truly amazing that stories about Barack Obama – whether positive announcements or negative responses to Republican criticism – read like Obama ’08 press releases peppered with adjectives highlighting the author’s barely contained glee. And suddenly, when a similarly young and energizing conservative candidate enters the picture, it’s vital that the press turn into freakin’ Dick Tracy to uncover any possible sign that she’s unqualified.

Maybe Sarah Palin’s not qualified to run things from The Oval Office in January 2009. Better a green executive be one heartbeat away than a green legislator be there.

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