If the facts behind this story are half as awful as they sound… the word “treason” comes to mind. Bob Woodward’s latest book about the Bush administration reveals that the American government has conducted covert surveillance of many Iraqi leaders. Revealing this, understandably, pisses off Iraqi leaders – the type of thing you’d think we could maybe agree doesn’t benefit anyone. Oh wait, silly me; it benefits all the Defeat At Any Cost Democrats running for election this fall.

From The Washington Post (registration required):

Given Bush’s efforts to earn Maliki’s trust, the surveillance of the Iraqi prime minister caused some consternation among several senior U.S. officials, who questioned whether it was worth the risk, Woodward reports. One official knowledgeable about the surveillance “recognized the sensitivity of the issue and then asked, ‘Would it be better if we didn’t?’ “

Apparently Woodward had no such concerns when it came to publishing such a sensitive topic in his upcoming The War Within: A Secret White House History, 2006-2008. So what’s more important – the stability of an entire country, or Bob Woodward’s book sales? Everyone who’s anyone has been assuring themselves for years that Bush is a stubborn, clueless, grating leader, but where the surge is concerned I’m sure Bob Woodward figures His Obamaness could benefit from beating that dead horse. Truly the ego of the Western journalist knows no bounds.

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