Dear Producers of The Office

A new round of TV shows has arrived, as the 17-hour Heroes season opener last night reminds us. (Side note: no, I didn’t watch it, and yes, I still wish they’d killed the bad guy and left Heroes at one season.) As a late bandwagon-boarding fan of The Office, I’m excited for Thursday and another season of my favorite show on TV. Another season, and no more after that.

Logic would dictate NBC wants to keep an established series going for as long as possible – even if it means watering down the characters, dragging out plot lines, and jumping various sharks to keep people watching. Producers and stars, don’t let that happen! Wrap things up in another 20-or-so great episodes, and move on to other things. The show is not Friends, thankfully, with a screenful of shallow characters whose personalities fluctuate as needed for whatever lame 22-minute story the writers think up. Let’s keep it that way!

I bought Season 4 soon after release and burned through the episodes over the following several days. It’s one of those rare series’ that replays well, with characters that feel authentic, little jokes you didn’t catch the first time, and bits of foreshadowing you don’t recognize until after you’ve seen later episodes. But as much as I’ve enjoyed The Office, count this as my vote for a series finale in the spring. Hopes: no high school drama with Jim & Pam; Ryan rejoins the branch on a prison release program; epic battle(s) between Andy and Dwight; Creed vanishes and is never heard from again.

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