A Big Enough Rug

I truly believe Barack Obama and John McCain’s respective records speak for themselves. Look up the two senators on Project Vote Smart or in WaPo’s Congressional database, and it’s clear that one candidate is a centrist and the other is a leftist. It’s the unfortunate reality that voting records and quoted positions are often peripheral details in the jab-parry-dodge of TV debates and national campaigns. It doesn’t help that Obama’s selling FDR-quality Big Government socialist fare to a public easily convinced of the horrors of a free market. But let’s face it: clumsy as McCain has been during the debates and overall race, the facts about Obama’s relationship with William Ayers should bury him.

The Associated Press would rather the facts themselves be buried:

McCain’s reference to Ayers reprised campaign commercials he has run to try and raise doubts about Obama’s fitness to serve.

Ayers, who was a member of the violent Weather Underground in the 1960s, hosted a meet-the-candidate event for Obama in an Illinois race many years later.

That’s the extent of it. Right? It must be all we need to know about the Ayers-Obama connection – some little one-off event from a campaign years ago. The truth of the matter is that “meet-the-candidate event” was not only hosted in Ayers’s home, it launched Obama’s first campaign. Yet in addition to downplaying this, the AP story makes no mention of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, whose board Obama chaired. The CAC was directed largely by Ayers, and handed millions of dollars to organizations pushing Ayers’s agenda. This went on for several years, serves as Obama’s only notable executive experience, and is a stark example of the uses Obama finds for money that isn’t his.

William Ayers remains unrepentant about his history of domestic terrorism, and as recently as the late 90s Barack Obama was funding the man’s still-radical agenda. The Obama campaign would like nothing better than for this issue to go away. It’s genuinely shameful that so many elements of the media feel the same.

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