Open Letter to John Boehner

Congressman Boehner,

Congratulations on your election to a 10th term in the United States House of Representatives. As a current resident of Hilliard who was born and raised in Miami County, it’s reassuring to see another Boehner victory approaching 70% when the GOP in central Ohio has been on its heels for the last three elections. I can only imagine how discouraging it must be to watch the conservative ranks thin around you because of losses both in conviction and at the polls.

It’s a sad state of affairs when, after being routed in the Presidential election by the most liberal member of the Senate, we’re stuck rooting for Ted Stevens and waiting for a recount to keep Al Franken out of Washington. It’s ridiculous that we can scarcely hope the national media will do anything the next four years besides provide continuous in-kind assistance to the cause of Barack Obama’s re-election. With the Democrats so close to a filibuster-proof majority and the media moving ever more shamelessly to the left, there is little room for error in either house of Congress.

I hope and pray that you’ll continue your role as a happy warrior for lower taxes, individual freedom, and traditional American values. While it’s obvious that an inability to present and promote conservative ideals is a weakness that extends far beyond President Bush himself, you’ve been one of few exceptions in the short time I’ve followed politics. The cause of conservatism needs you now, as it did in 1994. Remind those who would forget that bigger government is not better government.

Keep your nose clean and your message clear, as the Democrats in Washington – so quick to decry divisiveness and negative politics – leave no stone unturned and no words untwisted when it comes to silencing dissent. Keep your head up as President Obama pushes ever more dependence-producing entitlements, citing a mandate for “Change” that would knock our founding fathers right out of their powdered wigs. Continue to be an example by your faith in God and the Constitution; continue to be a thorn in the side of Nancy Pelosi, for whom bipartisanship means cooperation with the progressive agenda.

I realize you’re well aware of the portions of this that make sense, but this is mostly a therapeutic exercise anyway. A lot has changed since I was a student in Mr. Worth’s class at Miami East High School, helping cover George W. Bush’s first inauguration for the Troy Daily News. There is much good work to be done. Thank you, Congressman, for all your efforts to date — America needs your principled leadership and consistent conservatism.


Jason A. Hart

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