Go. Bucks.

Good for the Buckeyes’ seniors – they’ve been a fun group to watch. It’s encouraging to have a team of great athletes who also get good grades, aren’t constantly talking trash, and generally stay out of trouble. It’s disappointing that we’ve struggled a bit when so many guys came back for a national championship, but I look forward to watching many of them in the NFL and hope they’re enjoying the extra year in Columbus, whatever happens in whatever bowl game we get. God bless ’em.

I still don’t know – and don’t much care – what Ray Small has been doing besides skipping classes that pissed off Coach Tressel. He had a great kick return today, but after the way Ray’s dad has behaved in interviews I was kind of happy it didn’t go for a touchdown. I was also happy to see Todd Boeckman make a couple great plays. I’ve never been any kind of Boeckman promoter but Coffing’s always said he is a good guy. I was at the Troy game where Boeckman came in for a play, threw a bad pass, and was immediately booed… super lame on the crowd’s part.

At the same time, I could do without the announcers and analysts nit-picking Pryor. The people who say he’s inaccurate seem to forget how the same complaints were levied on Troy Smith in his early games. It’s clear Tressel wanted him to play as much as possible this season so he’s even better the next couple years, which makes sense although it’s a raw deal for Boeckman. Do I wish Pryor hadn’t lost that fumble against Penn State? Sure. But he’s a spectacular athlete and as I’ve mentioned before, beyond a point the ESPN guys are talking for the sake of talking. That said, I’ll resist complaining too much about how rarely Brandon Saine gets the ball, and when he does it’s for clock-wasters up the middle at the end of the game.

Let’s see how the rest of today’s match-ups pan out. It’s hard to root for Penn State after they beat the Bucks and then choked, so I’ll definitely be pulling for the Spartans and another outright OSU Big Ten title. I’m planning to cheer for Texas Tech in the evening game – the whole pirate thing is overdone, but Crabtree, Harrell, and the rest make for entertaining football.

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