Bailouts. Yay.

So much for the House seriously deliberating that automaker bailout bill and not jamming it through today. Michelle Malkin has a summary of Republicans voting Yea and everyone who voted Nay. Local news tonight made mention of the House passage and pending fight in the Senate, followed by a blurb from Barney Frank.

I have trouble not cursing at the image of Barney Frank, and it’s near impossible when they show him speak. Is this man really our go-to source for how government and markets should interact? Were he anything but a United States Congressman, Barney Frank would have resigned in shame or at least shuffled into the background decades ago. Thanks again, voters of Massachusetts.

Wee. More bailouts. “Save” those companies, Congress! Yeee-haw, a “car czar,” there’s the solution to the American car industry’s woes! I really hope this works well for Chrysler and Cerberus. American taxpayers owe them… something, apparently?

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