Well, Crap

Forget some of that local election silver lining… saw this headline yesterday about the Kilroy/Stivers race:

Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy won a hotly contested central Ohio congressional race by a little more than 2,000 votes Sunday after elections officials tallied provisional ballots in the district’s largest county.

Boo. Another Democrat riding the autumn wave of Obamentum.

The district saw one of the nation’s most fiercely competitive races, with Kilroy spending more than $2.5 million and Stivers spending more than $2 million during the campaign.

I’d be interested to see how much out-of-state groups spent portraying Stivers as the devil’s banking lobbyist. Given that you couldn’t turn on a TV in central Ohio from September until election day without seeing an anti-Stivers commercial I’m willing to bet it’s a, shall we say, large number. But then, since Kilroy is known for having Hillary Clinton’s glowing personality with none of her political prowess, it’s hard to argue with the political reasoning for negative advertising.

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