Pieces Not Falling into Place

Again. I will admit, much as I love the Buckeyes I was not optimistic for tonight. Tressel is a great coach who for whatever reason has trouble putting it together in big non-conference games. So in a way it was good to see a close game against a great, heavily favored Texas team; but it’s still a bummer to end another season on a sour note.

Stifling run defense, but over 400 yards passing allowed. Beanie continues to rock everyone’s world, until he’s hurt again. Dumb offside, holding, and roughing the passer penalties lengthened Texas drives and crippled our own. And late in the 4th when the offense really got firing, it was just in time to blow through a drive that should have managed the clock. I was afraid the D couldn’t buckle down for one last Texas possession. Crappy time to be right.

It’s disappointing, especially, for the seniors who have worked so hard to improve themselves and be a winning team.  For those who stayed in Columbus when they could have been millionaires by now, thanks again, and God bless…

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