Fun with Words

How does one deal with a recession? By creating jobs, of course!

…Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. said, “Immediate job creation and then continuing job creation” were the twin goals of the separate stimulus legislation.

I dunno… creating millions of permanent jobs sounds like a humble goal. What else?

It recommends tax cuts for businesses and individuals while pouring billions into areas such as health care, education, energy and highway construction.

That’s more like it. Nothing beats a good, focused spending plan, with the United States government distributing various billion dollar allotments to a list of no more than twenty to thirty industries. Every problem’s just another opportunity for our federal government to get bigger and better.

Ick. Before long, I’m going to have to stop paying any attention to the news. Why can’t Washington substantially reduce taxes on corporations and capital gains, simplify taxes on individuals, and see what the market does? Why does every government action have to be a complicated intervention?

But this part of the AP story is my favorite:

In it, Lawrence H. Summers, pledged that $50 billion to $100 billion would be dedicated to a “sweeping foreclosure mitigation plan for responsible homeowners.”

Wouldn’t the definition of “responsible homeowner” be “a homeowner whose mortgage is not in or nearing foreclosure,” if words from bureaucrats had any shred of meaning? According to, there are 305,623,245 people living in the U S of A at the moment. Maybe we could split up Obama’s proposed $825,000,000,000.00 and give every man, woman, and child 2700 bucks — that’d get people feelin’ good. And that’s government’s job… right?

One thought on “Fun with Words

  1. It is troubling that the new administration(in two days) truly believes that a stimulus check is the same thing as a tax break. I may get my check in the mail…eventually but so will the guy down the street living on welfare that doesn’t pay his share of the tax burden. That would be the equivalent of getting paid twice a month by the government. I get paid twice a month by the government but BECAUSE I WORK FOR THEM!!! If it only costs the tax payer 825 billion we will be lucky because as Obama said this is just a down payment, that worries me because if I remember correctly a good down payment on a house or car is about 10%…just the idea makes my stomach turn.

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