Our Tax Code Sucks

Looks like Timothy Geithner has been confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury after all: thus Obama deems it, thus shall it be. It seems odd that President Obama couldn’t find someone who had, I dunno, paid his taxes a little more consistently.

Many Republicans were willing to overlook Geithner’s failure to pay all his taxes on income received from the International Monetary Fund in 2001 and in three subsequent years.

I get the feeling many Republicans will be willing to overlook all kinds of things in coming months in order to avoided being lambasted as desbicably squeaky cogs in the Machine of Change. The Holder nomination? Ah, he only pushed through the Rich pardon and commuted sentences for a handful of terrorists. The stimulus package? Pft, not even a trillion dollars… and we’ll even get a nod or two towards lower taxes in the deal.

The worst part of the Geithner non-saga? A nominee for one of the nation’s most important accounting jobs misses a good chunk of his taxes for 4 years, and it’s not difficult for the public to shrug. If federal employees chosen specifically for their financial expertise cannot get their taxes straight, the country’s tax code is horribly broken.

One thought on “Our Tax Code Sucks

  1. If Geithner were to try to get a job as a bank teller he would be thrown out on his butt but don’t mind that just push him through because he is the only one qualified. What was his explanation? Turbo Tax messed up. Were he a Republican/Conservative(no longer synonymous) he would have been tied to the back of a horse and drug through town but alas he is not and we know how Democrat criminals are treated in DC just ask Marion Barry.

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