Valentine Weekend Magic

Nancy Pelosi has a finger on the pulse of the proletariat and, as always, knows how the little people feel:

She said that the House version makes up the vast majority of the compromise, that it is a “major accomplishment” for both Congress and Obama, and that Americans are “excited” about the bill.

According to CNN she is – right. In a story from Tuesday:

While the president puts on a full-court press, the debate over the $800 billion-plus bill — which includes increased government spending and tax cuts — appears to have split the public. A slight majority, 54 percent, favors the bill; 45 percent are opposed.

76% of the (whopping 806) people questioned over this past weekend approve of President Obama’s job performance. It doesn’t matter, I guess, that the President immediately began appointing tax cheats to numerous Cabinet positions upon taking office. It doesn’t matter that the man who campaigned on change and moderation proceeded to back the farthest extremes of his own party on the first big legislation of his tenure. If “We are the Change we’ve been waiting for,” we are nitwits.

But back to these magical feelings a slight majority of Americans feel about the largest spending bill in our nation’s history. If we’re going to pretend 95% of us are holding hands as we gaze leftward into the new progressive dawn, why not go whole-hog? This is, after all, the Winter of Pork. Forget “excited.” When it comes to this stimulus billl, I am downright twitterpated.

No, I’m kidding… for a second there I’d forgotten my Pelosese. Remember, in the dialect of Pelosi when something is necessary “for the children,” it’s for the benefit of ACORN, big labor, environuts, and the abortion lobby. When a native speaker of Pelosese refers to “Americans,” she’s talking about ACORN, big labor, environuts, and the abortion lobby. When government must start “creating jobs,” it’s… well, 45% of us get the picture. That she’s correct in this case is less a product of Nancy Pelosi having any clue what goes on outside California and D.C., and more a product of the Obama honeymoon stretching longer than it oughta.

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