Let ‘im Have it, Joe!

Joe Biden, Vice President and Ever’day Guy, is still fired up about that awful President Bush and everything he wrecked. Don’t worry, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his assistant is helping with PR in what’s shaping up to be a neverending campaign:

Mr. Obama also ordered the closing of the secret overseas detention program for Al Qaeda that the C.I.A. created after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Mr. Biden said the new president’s actions “reverse the policies that in my view and the view of many in this agency caused America to fall short of its founding principles and which gave Al Qaeda a powerful recruiting tool.”

How long can Obama and Biden fiddle this tune? The economy is bad because that Dubya, he deregulated things. Arabs hate us because, didn’t you know, President Bush had Marines knocking random doors throughout the Middle East and hauling off whoever answered! Why, before the United States started imprisoning foreign terror suspects, Al Qaeda had nothing but the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi funding of Wahhabist extremism, wrecked economies, uneducated populations, jealousy of the West, and a generally hopeless Middle East to ease recruiting!

If things don’t turn around in Afghanistan, I’m sure it will be because President Bush cooked up those concerns about Saddam, who everybody knew was no big deal. If Iraq’s young democracy fails, it will be because President Bush was too stupid to let the Ba’athists have their playground. If Iran nukes Israel, look no further than President Bush and his childish snubbing of the annual March Madness with Mahmoud tournament pool and cocktail mixer.

So remember, any time you’re wondering, “Why is ____ such a mess?” the answer is, “Because George W. Bush ruined ____.” Lest you forget, President Obama will be providing reminders in every press conference and public address for the next 8 years. No need to dwell on the mistakes of Congressional Democrats or overgrown bureaucracy when the solution to every problem is to spend more money and speak more eloquently than your predecessor!

One thought on “Let ‘im Have it, Joe!

  1. The next 8 years? Obama has the New New Deal that is destined to doom the economy back to the times of the original New Deal. Don’t be surprised if term limits eventually becomes an issue because you can’t change horses midstream and with these policies 8 isn’t enough.

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