Wow. Just… wow.

Yesterday the NAACP jumped on board the Sharpton Express – a mode of transportation they use far too often – and called for the firing of the NY Post cartoonist who drew this:


The cartoon mocked the “stimulus” bill written by Congress and signed by President Obama while referencing the police shooting of a crazed pet chimpanzee last week in Connecticut. Seems perfectly clear and simple to me, if not all that funny. Fatal error: the use of a chimpanzee.

“This is tastelessness taken to the extreme,” he said. “For the publication to suggest the only people who object to it are constant critics of the New York Post is beyond ridiculous.

“This was an invitation to assassination of the president of the United States and anyone who was not offended by it doesn’t have any sensibilities.”

Wait… what??? Maybe the fatal error was depiction of a shooting? Maybe those Connecticut cops should be locked away for their hate-motivated murder of a species racists often compare to black people? That Al Sharpton is still paid attention by any sensible person is outrageous. That an allegedly respectable national organization sees a dumb cartoon about a chimp and declares it a call for assassination of the president is… I’m not even sure what.

Who cares that President Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill; Al Sharpton has bigger things than “facts” to worry about. Like, for instance, being one of the premier racists in the country and finding things to decry as offensive. If Barack Obama is the post-racial politician he has claimed to be, this seems like a great opportunity to criticize the NAACP for a childish display. On the count of three, let’s all hold our breath…

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